Covid-19 Information and Safety Protocols at Nightsound

Here’s a video covering what we’re doing to keep things safe during covid here:

Below is a list of what we’re doing (and what we ask of our guests) in order to keep the studio as safe and virus-free as possible. We’re trying our best to be safe in order to keep all of us healthy. Our community includes clients with a wide range of ages and health requirements, and it’s important to us that we do all we can, with your help to protect everyone as best we can.


Let us know at any point if you have symptoms of covid or if you have come into contact with someone who is infected or is exhibiting symptoms. No recording session is worth spreading the virus. We can reschedule.  

For all other covid safety protocols, please download our covid-safety PDF.

Covid safety for our staff: 

  • We use hand sanitizer throughout each session
  • We remove our outdoor shoes upon entering the studio 
  • We also use HEPA / UV light air filters in every room after every session
  • We clean exposed surfaces in any studio room where people have been after each session.
  • We schedule sessions hours apart to allow for extra cleaning time & air filtration in all rooms
  • No session is booked the rest of the day after either vocal or horn sessions (these both involve a lot of exhaled air!) 
  • We use our masks indoors at all times (except when briefly inhaling coffee in the isolation of the control room).

And, here is what we ask of all clients and guests in order to keep everyone safe.

  • Take your shoes off at the door (shoe coverings provided upon request)
  • Use hand sanitizer when you enter and often
  • Wear a mask at all times 
  • Mask may be removed when singing or playing a horn in a closed-off recording room. (Attendance may be limited to vocalist & engineer in separate, isolated rooms.)
  • Only engineers may enter control room (HiFi Wharfdale EVO 4.4 speakers & good headphones provided for listening & playback) 
  • Let your engineer know ahead of time, to the best of your knowledge, what you will be recording at your session.
  • Arrive ONLY at your designated time — after the session start time — so as to allow engineer time to set up as much as possible for your session. (This allows the engineer to set up time before your arrival)
  • Let your engineer know what to prepare for: What instrument(s) are you recording? Acoustic or electric? Are you bringing your gear or are you looking to use a specific studio amp and/or other studio piece of gear?)

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation with keeping everybody healthy and safe! 


Chris, Meghan, and Glenn
Nightsound Studios