Chris Wimberley

 owner / producer / engineer

 Meghan Puryear

 chief engineer / studio manager

 Dave Kampel

 senior engineer / mastering engineer

 Taylor Herbert

 engineer / gear designer

 Geneva Walata

 engineer / robot enthusiast

 Sam Reynolds

 engineer / producer / live sound

Meghan Puryear: Chief Engineer / Studio Manager

According to her peers, colleagues and countless clients, Meghan Puryear’s ears must be genetically superior to other ears. Her ability to bring energy and productivity to a project with a keen attention to detail might suggest that Meghan has been grown in a secret government lab for this job. With experience in piano composition and a fierce love of music, Meghan Puryear’s brilliant mind for balancing aesthetics with accuracy is outmatched only by her passion and dedication to the client’s vision.

"A consummate professional. Knowledgeable and patient. Calming. An ideal studio presence." -Gilbert Neal