Chris Wimberley

 owner / producer / engineer

 Meghan Puryear

 chief engineer / studio manager

 Dave Kampel

 senior engineer / mastering engineer

 Taylor Herbert

 engineer / gear designer

 Geneva Walata

 engineer / robot enthusiast

 Sam Reynolds

 engineer / producer / live sound

Chris Wimberley: Owner / Producer / Engineer

As a producer...

"I believe that on every project, a recording is made to represent an idea with it’s own identity, and that requires capturing a moment that really delivers the idea behind it to as many people as possible.

Sometimes, the recording is created for the moment.

Sometimes, the moment is created for the recording.

Most of the time, it’s best not to overthink it, but it’s tough for any one person to keep it all in perspective.

When working with the right producer or engineer you can concentrate on the moment and not lose sight of the idea itself. It’s our goal that by offering the objectivity and help you need, that recorded moment can be even better.

I’ve found that’s often the recipe to making something we listen to equal to more than the sum of its parts."