Whenever possible, we suggest the mastering be done by someone other than the mixdown engineer.

Objectivity can be a great ally in the recording process.

We offer a variety of options at this stage before a recording is professionally "done."

Not all projects require mastering, but if you plan on releasing a collection of works to the public, mastering is important, and you should strongly consider it.

We highly recommend working with our senior engineer Dave Kampel at Magnetic West Productions. Contact him directly at He has over 20 years experience in the music industry working with major and small label releases. While his availability is extremely limited (he's often booked months in advance!), he's an extremely affordable mastering engineer at $50 per hour, and we think he's the greatest! If Dave is unavailable or too booked up, we can guide you to another mastering professional that's right for your project.

More questions about the dark art known as mastering? Contact us!