Dex Romweber: "I wanted to work with people that weren’t incredibly famous producers, but people who would make me feel laid back and comfortable and just let me be myself. Meghan and Chris were just that. No egos. It was such a relief for me. I wanna work there again, and I love the ‘sound’ of the studio."

Geoff Gilson: "If you want a team of professional producers and engineers to record a sound you have already clear through performance and recording elsewhere, Nightsound will provide you with the most attentive, cost-effective package in the Triangle area.

If you are someone still growing, still developing, you will not find a better team on the East Coast to challenge, to nurture, to develop your talents. Always with you. Always supporting. Always conscious of the size of your pocket."

Daniel Lawrence: "I've worked on a single, an EP, and two albums at Nightsound; each time, the end result was the best thing I'd done up to that point. The engineers listened to all my comments and concerns, and everyone made every effort to make sure I came away satisfied with the finished recordings. The atmosphere in the studio is relaxed and comfortable, which makes it easy to focus on getting your performance right."

Christopher A. Reed: "In this industry, you will find many more financial opportunists than artist advocates - and therein lies Nightsound Studios' crown jewel. Their unified and unwavering commitment to promoting local music and musicians is something of which I have not seen the likes in nearly 20 years as a professional musician. You would be hard-pressed to find another recording studio that works so tirelessly for - and with such fierce loyalty to - the musicians who live and work in the community surrounding them."

Danny Hooley: "My band has been rehearsing at Nightsound for about two years. It's definitely the best professionally run practice space I've ever used. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful; the equipment is more than up to snuff; the room itself is just great; and owner Chris Wimberley is flexible, helpful and accommodating."